Why read?

As an avid reader, it is hard for me to understand why someone would NOT want to read.  However, having tutored during college, I know that reading and writing can be a painful process for some.

That’s why I’ve chosen “Lucrative Literature,” a post on the blog “Sanctified Woman,” for the next ProfoundNet thought about literature.  This post offers one perspective on why reading classic literature still has lasting value. 

Not only do books engage us and allow us to experience a world outside our own place and time, but they teach readers how to analyze ideas.  Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

In pondering good books, our students get practice analyzing and discerning what is good and noble and true in the world verses what is evil, vain, and deceptive. The more we analyze and discuss ideas, the better able we are to see through ideas to their presuppositions, their assumptions and ultimately their worldview.

Thanks, Heather, for the insight!


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