The Only Choice in 2008

voteTired of politics as usual? In this election, only one candidate has proven leadership qualities, humility, and an indisputable, unsullied record of courage, commitment, and honesty. Only one candidate is capable of re-energizing this country’s future and restoring peace and prosperity to our nation.

Listen to the candidate’s own words:

Little do I resemble the figures of [Washington and Roosevelt] as they stand carven in their majesty in [Mt. Rushmore]. I am but the heir of [Roosevelt], not [Roosevelt] himself. I have had a hard life and a long; and the leagues that lie between here and [Washington] are a small part in the count of my journeys. I have crossed many mountains and many rivers, and trodden many plains, even into the far coutries of [Australia and New Zealand] where the stars are strange.

But my home, such as I have, is in the [United States]. For here the heirs of [the founding fathers] have ever dwelt in long line unbroken from father unto son for many generations. Our days have darkened, and we have dwindled; but ever the [presidency] has passed to a new keeper. […]

What roads would any dare to tread, what safety would there be in quiet lands, or in the homes of simple men at night, if the [leaders] were asleep, or were all gone to the grave?

And yet less thanks have we than you. Travellers scowl at us, and countrymen give us scornful names. […] Yet we would not have it otherwise. If simple folk are free from care and fear, simple they will be, and we must be secret to keep them so. That has been the task of my kindred, while the years have lengthened and the grass has grown. 

But now the world is changing once again. A new hour comes. […] Battle is at hand. The [presidency] shall be reforged. I will come to [Washington].1

Vote for the one who can really turn this country around.

Vote Aragorn for President!


 1. Text taken from The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien, Book 2, Chapter 2: The Council of Elrond.


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