Oh, Christmas Tree!

So long, 2008.  Your time is almost up.

christmastreeAs a child, I read the “Golden Books” collection of children’s books. One of my favorites at Christmas was the book “The Christmas Tree that Grew,” a story about a live Christmas tree that grew so rapidly that its owners had to cut holes in their apartment building to allow it to continue. No one called the police or the EPA; instead, the family made new friends among their neighbors. It was a great story. 

It also bears a remarkable similarity to a 2008 phenomenon in the U.K. involving a 35-foot tree cut into sections to appear to be growing out of the house. Read the full story here

Take a look at these two pictures, the first from the news story and the second from the storybook. 


So in case you were wondering, if the power of suggestion no longer exists, the power of coincidental parallelism certainly does. 

And with that, have a truly Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 


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