Introducing LITourism

kaituer-fallsLiterature + Tourism = ? 

It’s not a combination you see every day. But in Guyana, it’s a combination that might just matter quite a bit.  

That’s one reason I chose “Caribbean Literature Has Relevance for Tourism” by Al Creighton for the next ProfoundNet. Here’s a snippet:

But what does a meeting on literature have to do with the generation of ideas to boost events in the tourism sector of Guyana?  The answer is, much more than immediately meets the eye, and the directions in which West Indian literature has been moving, perhaps, the last twenty years, have brought it much closer to studies of the kinds of factors that operate within a tourist industry. 

In Guyana, the XXVIII Annual West Indian Literature Conference finished moments before an important meeting between the country’s president and officials in the tourism industry.  As different as these two topics may seem, Creighton suggests the connection may be closer than it first appears.

Culture and art, music and history, artifacts and material culture, beauty and curiosity are not only the subjects of today’s literary studies: they are topics of consideration for attracting tourists. Perhaps some collaboration is in order… 

When one considers that some of the major papers presented and discussed related directly to products and industries that generate tourism and related material, one sees more and more the relevance of literature and contemporary literary studies in the Caribbean to the material wealth and well-being of the countries.  

Well put. Thanks, Al, for a thought-provoking article.


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