Literary Pigs, Unite!

Check out this link via The Point: Barnyard reign of terror halted…and other unexpected results of the swine flu (originally from John Mark Reynolds in The Scriptorium). Brilliant.

Circe & pigs

Pumbaa, you’re next. Trust no one. Not even Timon.

Circe – if you want to avoid a government embargo, you might need to choose another animal the next time Odysseus stops by.

And Homer? You might want to send Spider-Pig back before the third episode comes along and he learns about his dark side…


5 Responses to Literary Pigs, Unite!

  1. ellen says:

    do you know the artist for this image???

  2. jenecrit says:

    I realized I didn’t have this image linked to its source as I usually do, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    I looked it up, and the image is “The Conversion of Ulysses” by Hippolyte Casimir Gourse. Here’s the source where I found it:

  3. Ellen Layman says:

    excellent info – thanks – I need that! Did you read Mirage: about Napoleon’s foray into Egypt in 1798? sounds great

  4. jenecrit says:

    I haven’t, but I just looked at a synopsis, and it sounds fascinating. Do you recommend it?

  5. ellen says:

    hope to – on my list. your id of this ptg was helpful with a rare photo of that work tht I was trying to identify

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