Poets Go Tweet Tweet Tweet

I got interested in Twitter poetry while writing my last post and decided to check it out. Here are some results in true Twitter style (almost).

(Twitter Poetry, from Tom Watson in 2007)

I went looking for words to stitch together.  […] I saw [Twitter] as a way to plumb the common mindset, to see what communal wisdom and beauty and insight the group of geeks could register…

(Twitter Poetry from NowPublic Blog in 2007)

Today I came across the first example I’ve seen of Twitter poetry.  Could twitter be the re-birth of the art?

(Twitter Poetry, from Home is Where You Hang Your @ in 2008)

I like the creative limitation that 140 characters gives you. In exchange, twitter gives you a whole new medium for your poetry…

(Join Us in Twitter Poetry from Servant of Chaos in 2009)

(Baracku: The Twitter Poetry Experiment for the Inauguration from Whose shoes are these anyway in 2009)

Baracku […] is a way for poets, writers, artists and others to read the positive expressions of people participating in this poetic twitter stream for this historic moment.

(Twitter Poetry from Make Literature in 2009)

is a free Twitter application that lets you share your thoughts, feelings, views or ideas about anything in a poetic manner.

Isn’t it interesting. What do you think? Keep your eyes out for more of my thoughts on this topic later.

…all the literati on Baker street
love to hear the poets go tweet, tweet, tweet…


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