Borrowing Books Since 1946

Between products like the Amazon Kindle, e-books, and the lure of new popular titles at Barnes & Noble or Borders, maybe the library has seen its heyday come and go.

Still, there is a lot to be said for a network of print books (versus electronic) available on loan for free (well, not counting the taxes that support them), accessible to all, complete with community resources and knowledgeable advisors.

That’s one reason I’ve chosen Woman, 91, believed to be the UK’s most prolific library book borrower from the Guardian for the next ProfoundNet. Here’s a snippet:

A 91-year-old woman from Stranraer in south-west Scotland is believed to be Britain’s most prolific library book reader after staff at her local library realised she is on the brink of borrowing her 25,000th book. Louise Brown, who borrowed her first book from Castle Douglas library in 1946, now reads about 12 books every week – chiefly Mills & Boon romances, war stories and historical dramas – and has never had a fine for returning a book late.

A remarkable woman indeed.

How often do you take advantage of your public (or private) library? Since I have less time for reading these days, and tend to check out longer books, I would say I check out 5-10 books a month. I won’t be catching up to Louise any time soon. But there’s always retirement…

What about you?


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