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Because I care deeply about literature, I’m always interested to see new and innovative ways that others are coming up with to share literature on a broader scale.

That’s one reason I’ve chosen “Promoting Lit in the Digital Age: Electric Literature Co-Founder Lindenbaum on the Menu” by Amanda Ernst of Fishbowl NY for the next ProfoundNet. Here’s a snippet, quoting Lindenbaum, the founder of a new electronic literary magazine:

“We are trying to use new media and innovative forms of distribution to make sure that those stories are delivered back to the popular culture in the digital age. And we want to make sure that literature remains vital,” Scott said about the project. “So in order to do that, we kind of adopted a new distribution system where we distribute to the iPhone — we’re the first literary magazine to the iPhone. We also distribute in every digital form for all ereaders from Kindles to all ereaders in every file format.”

The journal publishes five stories per quarter. For hard copy request, the magazine uses Print on Demand to minimize costs and maximize payment to writers. Although the success of such ventures remains to be seen, I’m impressed by the  founders’ innovation and use of convergence to allow new literature to reach the greatest possible number of individuals.

For more information about the journal, or to subscribe, visit

Thanks, Amanda, for a thought-provoking story.


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