New Year’s Reads

Around New Years, “change” is the word on everyone’s lips. New resolutions, new diets, and new fashions are on the rise. In keeping with the spirit of the times, here’s a list of some of the new books I’m excited to read when they come out in 2010.

Tea With Hezbollah – Ted Dekker (Doubleday, Jan. 26). This account of a best-selling author’s personal foray through the Middle East looks promising, if only to see how a suspense writer attempts to portray–without sensationalizing–the Middle East. The book’s big question: “Is it possible to love our enemies?” is also compelling.

The Summer We Fell Apart – Robin Antalek (HarperCollins, Jan. 5). The author’s debut novel looks at broken families through the eyes of four siblings. Character-driven explorations of family relationships interest me, and I’m curious if this novel will be able to add anything new to the genre.

House Rules – Jodi Picoult (Simon & Schuster, March 2). Some call Picoult’s novels emotionally manipulative, but I have to admit, I really enjoy her presentation of tough ethical and relational questions.

Point Omega – Don DeLillo (Scriber, Feb. 2). I haven’t read White Noise, but I’m a big fan of Falling Man. DeLillo’s latest, which revolves around questions of identity, belonging, and documentation, looks like another good read.

The Captive Queen – Alison Weir (Random House, July 20). Weir is an excellent historical fiction writer, and I’m interested to see what she does differently with the narrative of Eleanor, having previously read her Eleanor of Aquitaine.

What about you? What are you excited to read in 2010?


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