Booklist 2016

Another year, another pile of books to read! Here is a list of the books and essays I read in 2016. Works I especially enjoyed and recommend are marked in bold.

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  • Ali, Nujood and Delphine Minoui. I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.
  • Athanasius. On the Incarnation.
  • Atwood, Margaret. Cat’s Eye.
    —. Hag-Seed.
  • Barbassa, Juliana. Dancing with the Devil in the City of God.
  • Bee, Samantha. I Know I Am, But What Are You?
  • Birdthistle, William. Empire of the Fund: The Way We Save Now.
  • Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. Racism without Racists.
  • Cline, Emma. The Girls.
  • Clinton, Hillary Rodham. Living History.
  • Diaz, Junot. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.
  • Dratch, Rachel. Girl Walks into a Bar…
  • Foer, Jonathan Safran. Here I Am.
  • Frey, Alex. A Beginner’s Guide to Investing.
  • Galbraith,Robert. The Cuckoo’s Calling. 
    —. The Silkworm.
    —. Career of Evil.
  • Goslin, Priscilla Ann. How to Be a Carioca: The Alternative Guide for the Tourist in Rio.
  • Gyasi, Yaa. Homegoing.
  • July, Miranda. The First Bad Man.
  • Kushner, Rachel. The Flame Throwers.
  • Lansky, Doug, ed. There’s No Toilet Paper…on the Road Less Traveled.
  • MacDonald, George. The Wise Woman and Other Stories.
  • Martin, George R.R. A Game of Thrones.
    —. A Clash of Kings.
    —. A Storm of Swords.
    —. A Feast for Crows.
    —. A Dance with Dragons.
  • Millard, Candice. Destiny of the Republic.
  • Moran, Caitlin. How to Build a Girl.
  • Morris, Tom. If Aristotle Ran General Motors.
  • Orlando, Eugene. Reverse Editing: The Surest Technique for Editing Your Manuscript.
  • Robb, Peter. A Death in Brazil.
  • Rowling, J.K., John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. 
  • Schlesinger, Robert. White House Ghosts.
  • Shusterman, Neal. The Schwa Was Here.
  • Sturgeon, Theodore. Godbody.
  • Twain, Mark. The Diaries of Adam and Eve.
  • Walton, Leslye. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.
  • Warren, Elizabeth. A Fighting Chance.
  • Watkins, Claire Vaye. Gold Fame Citrus.
  • Winters, Ben H. Underground Airlines. 

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